Friday, 13 July 2012

Natural Face Exfoliator

So lately I've been experimenting with natural remedies, and always heard of the lemon juice and sugar.. But green tea is packed full of antioxidants so i thought i'd give it a go. I'm amazed with the results!

I use this once or twice per week. Its super cheap also.

I added boiling water to a small container, you don't need much, then sit 2 bags of green tea in it(i use the cheapest ones from my super market, only $3 for 50 sachets!) Then i go for a shower and let it cool down, when I get out of the shower I test it to see if its cool(make sure it is otherwise the sugar will melt) then add a table spoon of sugar into it. I then begin to rub the mixture all over my face, I massage it around for about a minute then wash it all off with warm/ hot water. Immediately after my skin looks quite red, I have sensitive skin though. Then pat my face dry with a towel and apply moisturizer(my favourite is Garnier Pure 24 hour).
The next morning I always wake up and can't believe how soft and smooth my face is, I basically have no redness left in my face, and the bags under my eyes aren't as dark(i assume this is because of the anti oxidants in the green tea) 

This is my absolute favourite exfoliator, I give it a 10/10, and would recommend it to everyone.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Styles that I'm loving - 1

This post is about clothing, accessories, hair, shoes that i'm loving at the moment.

  • Fake leather jeggings

  • Supre thin jeggings
    I love this because i can pull these higher up so they aren't super low waisted. Flatter my body shape amazingly!
  • Gold jewellery
    I've always been a fan of silver, but lately i've be loving gold. I find it compliments my skin a lot better as well.
  • Over-sized earrings
    Loving any earring that a long, dangly and pretty! 

  • Gold Long Cross Necklaces
    I have soo many of these and love them, adding a photo of the newest one to my collection.
  • Skinny Belts
    I wear these alot to accentuate my waist.
  • Over-sized lace/see threw tops
    I have fallen in love with this trend, i wear a white v-neck singlet(supres are my absolute favourite, i have like 10 of them) with a skinny belt at the waist.
  • Gladiators
    Not much to say, i own so many pairs of these. Love them for everyday wear.
  • Long hair, with big volume, loose waves.
    I've been rocking this style soo much lately, absolutely love it.
  • Black platform heels
    I don't wear heels on an everyday basis, but loving these lately to pump up an evening look.
  • Stockings with high waisted skirts
    I was addicted to this look last winter and its carried over again this winter
  • Ankle boots
    I used to hate these, but lately i've got to admit i'm loving them. The little black wedge ones are my favourite.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Favourite Products - 1

Since money has been very tight over the last 2 months, since I stopped working and me and my fiance are moving 11 hours away in a month or so, I've definitely had to cut down on spending, when it came to beauty products this was very hard, but it has been fun trying new things out, most of my favourites are now drug store products.. These are the things ice been loving of the last month :)

Maybelline Fit Me Powder.
This would be my favourite powder, I give it a 9/10... I've knocked a point off because the colour selection could be a lot better, as I have pale yellow toned skin and the lighter shades of this run very pink/peachy. But I have been using colour 210 which is sandy beige which is the lightest yellow toned colour which matches me fine when I have a tan.. which brings me to my next product.

Playboy GLITZ tanning solution.
As a spray tanning technician, I have tried a lot of tanning solutions, and didn't try this one for awhile because it was on the cheaper side. I use this in 5% and 9% (the higher percentage the darker it is). 9% came out very dark on me, which I would like more during the summer time, but since its winter I've been using the 5% on a regular basis and love it, it would have to be one of my favourite spray tanning solutions. I buy this in the airbrush method but there are other methods available from there website.

Two Faced Shadow Insurance.
I've used a lot of eye primers but always seem to return to this one. I love the consistency and it last ages. My eyes have the tenancy to crease as they are hooded and strangely enough my skin always gets oily during the winter months, but is dry during the hotter months which is odd. In Australia, or at least where I am living there is no place to buy this product, the closest location is the gold coast, which is 2 hours away at a KIT cosmetics counter, so that is a down fall, hopefully there will be one closer in the town I'm moving to - fingers crossed-'

Maybelline XXL Pro Curl Mascara
I was using Last Blast for ages, but switch to this when my mum bought it in the wrong colour(she likes browns, I love blacks) and surprisingly loved it, it is double ended, one end is a lash primer and the other other is the colour. The brush is curved for perfect curled lashes. I don't know how well this works to curl lashes but I already have naturally curled, long lashes and look for a mascara that gives volume without clumping and this works like a charm.

Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipsticks
I have 3 from this line and love them, they are very moisturising which is great in the winter months, I tend to get chapped lips from the wind, they are very shiny like a gloss and a lipstick combined, the only downfall is they are very long lasts(an hour tops for me) but they are great to keep with you and reapply, don't need a mirror because they aren't very bright or opaque colours, and don't need a brush, just a apply and go!

Revlon Colourstay Liquid Eye Pen
I personally don't like liquid eye liners, I'm too blind to see what I'm doing, I have to get very close the the mirror to do my eye makeup lol. But this pen is amazing, so easy to apply and long lasting, A+

MAC Prolong Wear Concealer - NC20
Honestly the first time I bought this I hated it, but now I know how to apply it and love it! less is more with this product. Coverage is great, the staying power is amazing!

NYX Highlight and Contour Palette
I've only had this for about a week and I LOVE it. They are both matte, the bronzer is very dark brown which kind of scared me to start with because I'm quite fair skinned, but this is the perfect matte bronzer I just apply it with my MAC 187 and its a perfect colour and its cheap! I was using two faced chocolate soleil bronzer for the last 6 months which is a nice matte bronzer, but I found it to be a bit too pink toned for my liking(plus sooo much more expensive!) I will be sticking to this bronzer for a long time, although I do want to try benefits hoola bronzer which I have the extra $$

They are my favourite products of the moment, I won't be doing these are monthly favourites, just whenever I have enough favourite new products to do a blog.


Thursday, 5 July 2012

My Top 10 MAC Favourites and Mini Reviews.

By far my favourite cosmetic company is MAC cosmetics. In this post i will be listing my current top 10 favourite products with mini reviews, it was hard to narrow down, but think I managed quite well.
First of all, the reason my obsession started with this company is because its the only company I've found so far that has a match to my skin tone! & I've tried sooooo many foundations, its ridiculous. Enough rambling, lets get started.

  • Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NC20
    Personally i don't use this as an everyday foundation anymore because it is a high coverage foundation, but i love using this for special occasions, events and when getting photos taken, it photographs amazingly! 

  • Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle
    I'm addicted to glowy/dewy skin. This is the most amazing highlight I've used, gives such an amazing glow to the skin, i like this better on my pale skin though, not so much when i have a tan. But never the less, definitely in my top 10.

  • Cream Colour Bases in Luna, Fabulush and Fawntastic
    Luna is another amazing highlight which is still available, but the other 2 are unfortunately discontinued, they are still available at some stores and counters and i think they are available threw mac pro. Fabulush is a very vibrant red with gold reflects, i use it alone on my cheeks or under a blush to make it more vibrant. Fawntastic is my favourite which I've recently run out of unfortunately, its a beige/bronze kind of shade which i used as a cream bronzer. My favourite way to apply these is with my next favourite product.

  • 187 Stippling 'skunk' Brush
    This is by far my favourite brush the mac has, i have had mine for over a year now and its still perfect, mac brushes are a bit pricey but are well worth the money, i'm going to be buying another one soon because i use it for everything - powder, blush, bronzer, highlight. I used to used it for liquid foundation but its was a bitch having to clean it just to use it again for my powders, hence why i want to get another one.

  • Prolong Wear Concealer in NC20
    To be honest i have a love/hate relationship with this, but i always end up repurchasing. The staying power of this stuff is phenomenal, the colour matches me perfectly, i would say its medium coverage but can be built to full. But i definitely need a good moisturize/primer on my skin first or it can look a bit dry. I really wish they would change the packaging, that's my biggest problem with this, it has a pump, but always dispenses to much product so you tend to waste a fair bit of it.

  • Pressed Eyeshadows
    All the eyeshadows I've used, I've loved! They are great texture and have amazing staying powder. I use carbon on a everyday basis, it would have to be my favourite, i also love woodwinked, satin taupe, sketch, brule... and the list could go on. 

  • Fluidline in Blacktrack
    Best gel liner I've come across, i have hooded eyes so gel liners tend to crease on me, but not this one! Also if you cry with this on, its stays put. You only need to use the littlest amount so it lasts ages.

  • Eyelashes in 1, 31 and 34
    i used to be a fake eyelash junkie, wore them everyday! but now i only wear them for special occasions, events and when i know i'll be getting photos taken. Best lashes I've ever come across and I've tried a lot!

  • Face and Body Foundation
    I find this is a great foundation for everyday use as its light to buildable coverage, its looks like your skin but better, gives a nice glowy look, if you have spots or dark circles you'll need a concealer though. You get alot more for you money with this foundation as well its 120mL instead of the usual 30mL you usually get. But doesn't have as many colours, i think its has 12 shades.

  • Studio Fix Powder in C2
    This is my favourite high coverage powder that gives super matte appearance, but i also use this to set my makeup by dusting it over my face lightly. Works perfectly fine in photoshoots but tends to leave a white cast over my face with 'not so good' flash photos like when i take a photo with my iPhone.


TAG: This or That?

blush or bronzer - blush
lip gloss or lipstick - lip gloss
eye liner or mascara mascara
foundation or concealer - foundation
neutral or color eye shadow - neutral
pressed or loose eye shadows - pressed
brushes or sponges - brushes

OPI or china glaze - OPI
Long or short - Long
Acrylic or natural - acrylic
Brights or darks - brights
Flower or no flower - no flower

perfume or body splash - perfume
lotion or body butter - body butter
body wash or soap - body wash
lush or other bath company - lush

jeans or sweat pants - sweat pants
long sleeve of short - short
dresses or skirts - dresses
stripes or plaid - stripes
flip flops or sandals - sandals
scarves or hats - scarves
studs or dangly earrings - dangly
necklaces or bracelets - necklaces
heels or flats - heels
cowboy boots or riding boots - neither
jacket or hoodie - jacket
supre or cotton on - supre 
jay jays or city beach - city beach
Myer or David Jones - David Jones

curly or straight - straight
bun or ponytail - pony tail
bobby pins or butterfly clips - bobby pins
hair spray or gel - hair spray
long or short - long
light or dark - dark
side sweep bangs or full bangs - side swept bangs
up or down - down

Rain or shine - rain
Summer or winter - summer
Fall or spring - fall/autumn
Chocolate or vanilla - chocolate
East coast or west coast - east


The quest to dress the hardest body shape.

So, i'm unlucky enough to fall into a category that is the hardest to dress and flatter... The figure 8 body shape... also known as spoon shape, shelf shape, high hips. Seriously ladies, you have no idea how much i've struggled with this. I always thought i was a cross between a pear and a hourglass shape but with higher hips. You don't know what a Figure 8 shape is? Let me break it down for you. 

The shoulders are in line with the hips, with a larger bust that slowly and nicely tapers down to a defined waist, then BAM out of no where you have these shelfs on your body, well not really but it gives that appearance because this shape has a short torso and high hips. Usually has a round, in proportion bum. Tend to gain weight in the stomach, hips, upper arms, and thighs. But have really nice slender lower legs and forearms, define collarbones and slender neck.

After only recently figuring out my correct body shape after years of dressing for the wrong body shapes and wondering why the hell isnt this working?!, i'm now on the quest to learn how to dress it and flaunt this curvy shape!, which is a lot harder then i thought, you can find everything on the internet these days right? wrong! There is hardly any information out there on this body shape because its not a very popular one. Ok, ok, its not all bad, you know what this body shape is great for? Being pregnant, perfect child bearing hips, your baby will be ohh soooo comfy in there with this body shape. 

When wearing tight clothes you get this appearance that looks like a fat roll/love handles? Which isnt overly attractive, considering im a size 8(australian sizing) and weight 53 kilos. So, i'll be researching this like crazy and will be talking to stylist to figure it out, so stay tuned to 'cause there will be more post about this shape until i know all the tips, tricks and secrets out there. 

Sorry if this sounds like i'm ranting and running down this body shape if any of you girls out there have this shape. Because i don't want you to get me wrong, i love my body and i love being a curvy, a real woman! But i just want to figure this all out as it is a very difficult shape to style. 

I've included pictures to help people understand this body shape, i always find visuals helpful and thought you's might as well.


Tag: 40 Beauty Questions

  1. How many times do you wash your face daily? Once(I know i should be doing it twice, but im lazy)
  2. What skin type do you have (dry,oily,combo)? Combination-Acne Prone
  3. What is your current facial wash? Garnier Skin Brightening Cleanser
  4. Do you exfoliate? What brand do you use? YES. I love exfoliating! I use St Ives Apricot Scrub for acne prone skin.
  5. What moisturizer do you use? Clinique even better
  6. Do you have freckles? Yes i do. Not so much on my face but i do on my shoulders and arms.
  7. Do you use eye cream? Nope
  8. Do you or did you have acne prone skin? Yes, but its pretty good at the moment.
  9. Did you ever have to use Pro-activ? Yes, it was horrible on my skin! Had a horrible reaction, dried the shit out of my skin and was flaking and in a rash for weeks and my eyes swelled up for days.
  1. What foundation do you use? At the moment im using Maybelline Fit Me. Will be switching back to my mac one though.
  2. How about concealer? Mac prolong wear concealer NC20 and Mac Studio finish in NC15
  3. Do you know your undertone color? Yellow
  4. What do you think of fake eyelashes? I love them, i only use them on special occasions and in photo shoots though.
  5. Did you know that you are suppose to change your mascara every 3 months? Yes.
  6. What brand of mascara do you use? Maybelline XXL Curl Power. LOVE IT
  7. Sephora or MAC? Well im in Australia and we don't have sephora :/ So MAC.
  8. Do you have a MAC Pro-card? I wish
  9. What makeup tools do you use in make up application? mac 187 brush, mac 182, any fluffy eyeshadow brush, normal eyeshadow brush and my fingers!
  10.  Do you use make-up base/primer for the eyes? Yes, i use two face shadow insurance
  11. Primer for the face? Revlon Photoready
  12. What is your favorite eyeshadow (color or shade)? What an impossible question! I would have to say i use carbon by mac the most.
  13. Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner? Im a big fan of both, if i had to choose it would be pencil.
  14. How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil? Hahaha. Everyday almost, im so blind and when i take my glasses of its hard to see it, i have to get very close to the mirror, so i either hit the mirror or my eye
  15. What do you think of pigment eyeshadow? I do like them, but prefer pressed shadows.
  16. Do you use mineral makeup? Not recently.
  17. What is your favorite lipstick? Juicy Bubblegum but rimmel, doesn't last that long, but the colour is amazing, and its very moistering.
  18. How about lip gloss? im a huge fan of lip gloss! Anything high-shine i will use! I love one by rimmel but the name rubbed off. Anything light creamy pink.
  19. What is your favorite blush to use? Dollymix by mac.
  20. Do you buy your makeup on ebay? Occasionally, but you never high-end products cause they are nearly always fakes.
  21. Do you like drugstore makeup? I love drugstore mascaras and lip glosses. Alot of the products i use are drugstore, but i prefer high end..
  22. Do you go to CCO's (cosmetic company outlets)? Nope, they don't have them here in Australia, i would love to though.
  23. Did you ever consider taking make-up classes? Absolutely. Hopefully, sometime in the near future.
  24. Are you clumsy in putting on makeup? No, I am quite a perfectionist.
  25. Name a makeup crime that you hate? Foundation that doesn't match, creased eyeshadow/liner.
  26. Do you like colorful shades of makeup (lipstick,eyeshadow) or neutral ones? Both
  27. Which celebrity always has great make up? Kim Kardashian
  28. If you could leave the house using just ONE make up item,what would you use? Foundation
  29. Could you ever leave the house without any makeup on? Yes, but i prefer not to.
  30. Do you think you look good even without any makeup on? On days where my skin is good, but i rarely have no break outs.
  31. In your opinion, what is the BEST makeup line? MAC, its the ONLY company where i have found foundation to match me.
  32. What do you think of Makeup? Love it, gives me confidence.